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AKS Foundation:

Aims & Objectives:

1- Through organizing communities; involving in identifying their basic needs for

     improvement in current status through delivering activities for change.

2- To conduct participatory research Approach for suitable economic activities to

    build development, management and leadership capacities/capabilities and to

    improve/develop their occupational/professional skills as to strengthen

    economic position without gender discrimination.

3- To support community empowering through participatory approach for easy

    equal access & involvement in basic social services delivery; educational,

    healthcare, Water sanitation & hygiene, recreational facilities and cultural


4- To support for the promotion of agricultural, livelihood, handicrafts and other

    income generating sectors for community through involving women.

5- To organize seminars, workshops, advocacy campaigns, lobbing for awareness

    of health & Hygiene, other diseases, education, environment, Human Rights,

    Women rights, Child Rights, free & fare electoral process and others.

6- To support communities in emergency through Relief & Rehabilitation program.

To play a dynamic role as a community change maker for the establishment of a self sufficient society,
where people determine their choices in life and influence on right based direction of change.


AKS Foundation will support for enabling the marginalized communities for influencing & easy equal access to social, economical, political, environmental policies & decision making through enhancing Awareness, knowledge, skill & services delivery by maintaining quality & social justice


Improve the Living and socio-economic conditions of the communities in the field of Education, Health, Agriculture, Human/Women Rights, water & sanitation programs & community empowerment by using modern technologies and techniques